Red Wegelia

Red Wegelia

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Red Wegelia will make an attractive shrub to add to any garden, and it will be a beautiful addition.  This bush can grow to 9 feet and can also be around 9 to 12 feet wide when fully grown and if it is never pruned.

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Red Wegelia grows best in full sun.

It also prefers to be planted where the soil conditions are moist and well drained.   This bush will make a great addition to the garden and can even be added to flower gardens or natural areas.  This shrub can be pruned so that it will fit all areas on the lawn and can be kept to desired heights that the home owner will prefer.  It will have beautiful flowers that will be a red in color, and they will grow in clusters on this lovely shrub.  It will add color to all areas where it grows.  The flowers will hang on this shrub like they are red bells.  The flowers will appear in the summer and will be beautiful until the first frost comes.  The frost will kill the flowers, but the bush will still be beautiful green.  The only maintenance that it will need is to trim and keep it neat looking.  These are great shrubs because they will grow just about anywhere they are planted on the lawn.  They will draw attention to a garden or yard when they are in bloom with their beautiful flowers. 

The Red Wegelia will add great curb appeal to a home or gardening area. Red Wegelia are just beautiful attributes to any where you choose to plant them. Originally imported from China, the red weigelia has become a staple of some of the most colorful gardens across America in recent decades. As this plant blossoms in the late spring and early summer, it produces a bountiful offering of bright red flowers. Even in its dormant state, the green shrubbery of the plant serves as a festive backdrop for other plants that may be earlier bloomers. Additionally, red weigelia are highly resistant to pollution, which may be a concern for gardeners located near or in larger cities. The foliage of the red weigelia is easily identified with its narrow, oval leaves running along its stems. The leaves are only two to four inches in length with a dark green, veiny surface on the front portion. The backside of each leaf is paler and often feels lightly hairy to the touch. In the fall, when the plant sheds its leaves, they may turn a reddish color, before falling from the stems.


Red Wegelia Ships as Bare Root