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Red Osier Dogwood

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Red osier dogwood shrubs grow best in hardy in zones 4-8.

Hardy Planting Zone- Best in zones 3-9.

 Bloom Season - end of spring beginning of summer (May-June)

 Bloom Color - white

 Height at Maturity - Between 5-8 feet.

 Soil Type Preferred- Moist.

 Sun or Shade - Full sun or partial shade.


The red osier dogwood is a fast-growing shrub that is enjoyed every month of the year. 

The red twigs shine against the winter snow, and in the springtime, they create a lovely contrast of fresh greenery and white florals, which expand into flat clusters. In the late summer, the red osier dogwood produces blue-white drupes that are small and similar to cherry with a tiny pit inside. Red osier dogwood thickets attract birds such as warblers, robins, and bluebirds, while the flower nectars attract orange butterflies. Many birds and small mammals have been found to use the bush as shelter as well.

  While the red osier dogwood does well in most soils and can adapt quickly and easily, but it thrives best in wet, well-drained environments. This sturdy bush can withstand winter temperatures and will grow laterally quickly with slow horizontal growth. Find a sunny patch or at least an area that gets up to six hours of constant sun to plant, and be sure to trim down any overly excited sprigs to ensure ground control. The red osier dogwood only needs to be pruned once every two years by simply removing the oldest stems to allow new growth.

Easily maintained, this dogwood is perfect for gardeners of any skill level and will thrive well in most gardens, parks, or landscapes. 

It can be transplanted with ease and can be found at most local nurseries or garden centers. The red osier dogwood is a lovely addition to home gardens providing excellent curb appeal and an elegant option for birdwatchers and more.

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