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Red Daylily

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Red Daylily are a beautiful border plant.

Red Daylily 

 Red daylilies can easily tolerate a wide variety of climate conditions and are an excellent option for Zones 3 through 9.

Bloom Season - One of the features of this daylily that make it such a popular choice is its abundant flowering ability and extended blooming period. Expect a sea of red blossoms in your garden from late spring well into fall.

Bloom Color - Available in a vast array of reds, with some having pinkish undertones and others having more orange shades.

Height at Maturity - This flower typically reaches 18-24 inches, making them exceptionally easy to maintain. At this height, when planted en masse, daylilies make a stunning border for a sidewalk, patio, or garden path.

Soil Type Preferred - Although the red daylily will flourish in almost any type of soil, it thrives in soil with excellent drainage containing plenty of organic matter. Compost can be incorporated into the ground to increase quality.

Sun or Shade - One of the reasons the daylily is considered the ideal perennial is that it can survive in nearly any condition. This makes choosing where to plant it a non-issue because it will perform well practically anywhere! From full sun to deep shade, it is perfect for any landscape.

The red daylily can have blooms of multiple shapes and sizes that sit tall above its long and grass-like foliage.

They bloom in the morning and die the same night. Thus, their name is not the best flower for an arrangement. However, they will continue to bloom all season. They are straightforward to care for once established and highly resistant to pests and disease. Birds, butterflies, and hummingbirds find them very attractive, so plant them near a window to enjoy watching the visitors!

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