Raised Bed Wonders

Daylilies, Hosta, Virginia Blue Bells, Columbine And Dutchman’s Breeches

While raised beds have traditionally been the domain of the vegetable gardener, perennial plants such as Daylilies, Hosta, Virginia Blue bells, Columbine And Dutchman’s Breeches have much to recommend them to this type of garden. All thrive under the favorable conditions of a raised bed and each species has it’s own, unique features which make them perennial favorites.

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Daylilies could easily fill a raised bed all by themselves.They come in a range of sizes and enticing colors, and bloom from early June until September. There are even evening blooming varieties for when you want to linger on the patio on those warm summer nights.

Although the individual blooms only last a day or so, a good variety will have tons of blossoms over a long period. The blooms can range in size from 3 to 5 inches, and be either round or triangular in shape. They can be planted, or transplanted, at any time during the growing season, although spring is the best time to rework the beds of these forgiving plants.

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You could fill several raised beds with Hosta and never run out of choices. While not especially noted for their bloom, the hostas come in so many sizes and shapes that their inclusion in the raised bed perennial garden is almost mandatory. More so if your raised bed occupies a shaded location. Hostas appreciate the good drainage and rich soil a raised bed affords them. Again spring is the best time to divide and transplant these hardy plants.

Both these plant species make excellent choices for a raised bed all by themselves but your garden will go from interesting to amazing if you mingle other perennials among them. This is where early blooming plants come into their own.

Virginia Blue Bells, with their clusters of flowers on coiled stems, spring to life in early April. Typically grown in drifts, in naturalized gardens, they are equally at home grown in clusters in the raised bed garden. They add early season texture and color at a time when the summer blooming plants are still getting their act together.

Just when the bells are starting to fade, along comes the lovely Columbine. With showy, bell shaped, spurred flowers, in colors that range from white to blue to pink, red and pale green hanging above lacy foliage, they contrast beautifully with the more sturdy foliage of our other perennials. Although the plants aren’t noted for longevity, they self-seed freely.

Dutchman Breeches is a fine choice for use with mixed perennial plants in the raised bed garden. Like the others, it appreciates the same conditions while providing it’s own special charms. Another early spring bloomer, Dutchman Breeches is a great choice as a companion for other shade loving plants.

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