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Purple Rose of Sharon - Hibiscus

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Purple Rose of Sharon - Hibiscus is a hardy flowering shrub named for its purple cup-shaped flowers.

Purple Rose Of Sharon grows well in zones 5 through 9

Purple Rose Of Sharon-Hibiscus syriacus


 The Purple Rose of Sharon is a hardy flowering shrub named for its purple cup-shaped flowers. It is a native of India and Asia and is now grown worldwide. 


 The Rose of Sharon is a low-maintenance shrub that grows well in Zones 5-9. Though it tends to leaf out a little later in the spring than other shrubs, it looks exceptionally healthy even into the hottest parts of Summer. It will look its best when planted in full sun and kept in moist ground. A little pruning of older branches and flower deadheading will keep this shrub colorful throughout the season. 

 Purple Rose of Sharon grows to a height between 10 and 15 feet

 At its full size, the Purple Rose of Sharon grows to a height between 10 and 15 feet and has a spread of 6 feet, making it a great choice to plant near walkways, patio gardens, and pool decks. Its light purple flowers that grow up to 5 inches wide are red on the inside, a vibrant color that encircles their white pistils. Its leaves grow three to four inches long and are a bright waxy green color in spring that darkens up a bit in mid-summer.


 The Purple Rose of Sharon has a slow to medium growth rate and needs moist but well-drained soil. It is relatively easy to grow, which makes it an excellent plant for budding gardeners. It adapts to most types of soil and does not need to be fertilized. For the more advanced gardener, the Rose of Sharon can be cultivated from seeds and stem cuttings. For a colorful border down a driveway or around a house, you should plant these shrubs at least six feet apart to allow for maximum growth of individual plants. Roses of Sharon shrubs are shipped bare roots and ready for planting.

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