Sugar Maple

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Sugar Maple is scentless but attract pollinators to come to them. These latter produce small double winged, double seed samaras.


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Sugar Maple lets the seeds fly long distances from the mother tree. The bark of this maple tree is a reddish brown color that might get lighter on the upper branches.

This tree is better known for its fall colors. In the fall, this trees leaves lose their beautiful green color and gain a bright red color. This brightening color is stunning and is loved by everyone. This tree is one of the most beloved trees in the entire United States thanks to its beautiful fall colors. This tree is called sugar maple for a very obvious reason, its sugary sap that it produces. This sap is collected in gallons and gallons and boiled down into what we know as maple syrup. This sweet mixture is a common food staple for morning meals.

This tree is known to grow around sixty feet tall when it is full grown, however in some conditions it can grow as high as one hundred feet or more. This fast growing tree can rise as much as three feet per year. It is much faster than other maple trees. This beautiful fall tree is a popular tree for parks and many reforestation projects. This beautiful tree is adaptable to a large variety of soils but needs full sunlight to grow efficiently.
The Acer saccharum, or sugar maple, is a steady-growing deciduous tree that typically grows up to twenty feet tall. A preferred shade tree for the home, the sugar maple offers tiny green to yellowish green flowers in the spring, a thick canopy in the summer, and quite a flashy autumn display with unevenly colored leaves that vary in hue from yellow to brilliant orange. Though the average ten-year-old tree is approximately five meters tall (approximately 16 ft), the sugar maple can grow as tall as forty-five meters tall in time (over 140 ft). Normally a fully mature tree is only about twenty-five to thirty-two meters tall (around 90 ft). It is perhaps best known for its maple syrup, which is a typical reason why the tree is cultivated in northern areas. Due to the tree’s ability to thrive in shade and any soil but sand, it is common to find sugar maple trees in the Northwest and Midwest states. Though moderately susceptible to pollution, salty soil, and drought scorch, the hearty sugar maple is popular in both rural and urban areas.

Climate Zone: 4 to 9

Mature Height: 30 to 90 Feet

Mature Width: 20 to 60 Feet

Sunlight: Prefers Full Sunlight to Partial Shade

Soil Conditions: Adaptable

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Tree | Shrub Size:

2-3 Feet in Height when Received, 3-4 Feet in Height when Received, 4-5 Feet in Height when Received

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