Scarlet Red Maple

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Scarlet Red Maple tree can add a lot of color to any yard or gardening area. It is a great tree and will be easy to take care of because this tree will thrive and adapt well to all different types of soil conditions.


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Scarlet Red Maple is a fantastic tree to add to a garden, and it will be splendid when fully grown.  This tree can add a lot of colors to any yard or gardening area.  It is a great tree and will be easy to take care of because this tree will thrive and adapt well to all different types of soil conditions.  It will also thrive and do great when grown in partial shade.  These trees do great when planted in climate zones 3 through 8.  These trees are amazing and will be worth the wait for them to grow and become mature. The Red Maple will add a burst of color in spring, summer and especially in the fall months of the year.  This tree adds appeal to any landscape.  It will have beautiful leaves during the fall that will be a scarlet red and will become a focal point on  the lawn.  During the spring and summer this tree will look magnificent as it will be covered in green with dense leaves and will work great to supply an abundant amount of shade to enjoy, during the hot summer months.  This tree will also work great when used in landscaping projects for large areas.  It needs little upkeep and maintenance to thrive.  This tree will also bring those small wildlife creatures to any garden.  It will attract a great variety of birds and the squirrels will love to run and play on the branches of this tree.  These trees will grow rather fast and will become beautiful shade trees.  The oak tree is an appealing tree. One tree that is accurately named is the Scarlet Red Maple. The red maple continually reflects various shades of red in every season: in winter, the buds on the tree are red. In the spring, red maples are adorned with bright red flowers. The leafstalks of a red maple are red in the summer, but the show really begins in the fall, when the red maple bursts into a brilliant display of red leaves of varying sizes, most with 5 large lobes. A favorite among homeowners and tourists alike, the red maple foliage stands out from all others when fall rolls around. Red maples grow to an average of 50 feet at maturity, and have the quick growing ability to gain several feet in height over the course of a year. A hardy tree, the red maple can handle drought conditions while also surviving in areas prone to flooding. Requiring no maintenance, the red maple is favored among landscape developers due to its sturdy nature, beauty and ability to grow in almost any type of soil.

The Scarlet Red Maple Tree

The Scarlet Red Maple (Acer rubrum) is a popular and stunning tree that is surprisingly easy to grow and care for. Although the twigs and leaf stalks (petioles) of the tree are also red, it is the stunning autumnal leaves in brilliant shades of deep orange-to-red that this maple is famous for and that make it such a popular addition to any garden. According to the U.S. Forest service, the Scarlet Maple is the most abundantly planted tree in the eastern and central regions of North America, thriving in hardiness zones 3 through 9 and growing anywhere from sea level to about 3,000 ft. It can be seen anywhere from Newfoundland to Florida to Texas.

This beautiful tree grows rapidly at four to five feet a year to a height of at least 40-60 feet, often to 90 feet and sometimes reaching 150 feet. The Scarlet Maple is a very adaptable tree, able to grow in either sun or shade. While it prefers a slightly acidic soil, this is not a fussy tree, and it can thrive in either wet or dry conditions. It is also pollution tolerant, which makes it perfect for use in both urban and rural areas. Its root structure is shallow, and its branches are extremely sturdy and resistant to wind damage. A deciduous tree, this maple produces seedpods called samaras in the spring, creates a wide canopy of serrated, five-point leaves to produce summer shade in gardens, and then turns spectacular shades of orange and red during the fall before shedding its foliage for winter.

This tree is very easy to care for and is considered low-maintenance to no-maintenance, with the added benefit of being easy to transplant. Scarlet Red Maples also produce sap that can be used to make maple syrup, which makes it functional as well as decorative. This eye-catching specimen adds drama and beauty wherever it is planted.

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