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Prairie Dropseed

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Prairie Dropseed can grow in USDA zones 3-9, making it a diverse plant, tolerable in several growing climates.

Prairie Dropseed is drought-resistant

The Prairie Dropseed is a drought-resistant plant that only grows in select areas of wetlands and prairies. Prairie Dropseed does best in full sunlight but can survive with a little bit of shade. The leaves are long and slim, growing to about one foot long and half a foot wide. The leaves grow from the end of the stalk, but rather than having leaves growing from each side. They wrap around it until they meet together at their ends as fingers are clasped together. Nourishment for the plants travels through its stem to continue up into its stalk system that pushes out toward the sun's rays above them all.

Prairie Dropseed start as a light beige color that matures into a deeper brown 

 In late springtime, stalks jut out from below the ground's surface, these being much taller than the leaves, growing to about four feet tall. These are very sticky stalks with a ridged area on the top, resembling an umbrella. The flowers that grow from these are nearly invisible, small and yellow, clustered into ball-like groups at the top of the stem. At first glance, it almost looks as if there is no flower or even bud at all, but rather something like pollen has attached itself to the plant's head like glue. The real petals within these clusters are fragile and delicate but beautiful against the dark green backdrop they make when bunched together under their calyxes (the green ring around the base of each blossom).

 They produce round seed capsules that are large and green, with a slightly flat top. They are not very bony or sticky, so they have an easy time blowing around in the wind--their seed being dispersed by their drooping from the stalk. Prairie Drop seeds start as a light beige color that matures into a deeper brown as time goes on and dry out completely. They do best when soaked in water to sprout, taking about three days to grow roots before they can survive on their own without constant care and attention from people who want them to live.


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