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Post Oak Tree

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Post Oak Trees are grown for their lumber production.



 Post oak, also known as rough oak, iron oak, and box white oak, is a small to medium tree that can also grow as a shrub. 

The plant grows an average of 40 feet high, but some Post oak trees reach as tall as 108 feet depending on the species. Most post oak trees are between 40 and 70 feet wide. The trunk diameter is between 1 and 2 feet in many cases, but some post oaks are smaller. These trees grow well in sandy, dry, or rocky soil and are often found in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Iowa, and southern regions like Texas and northern Florida. The trees are also adaptable in malnourished soil, but it's best to drain the soil often and supply the soil with nutrients for the best results. 

Post oak trees grow in dry wooded areas and thrive best in hardiness zones 3-9. 

The trees have a slow to medium growth rate and are rounded and broad at maturity. The seed-bearing age for post oak trees is about 25 years, and the trees bear fruit about every three years. 

  Post oak trees are visually appealing because they have a distinct cross-shaped with five lobes. The two center lobes are opposite each other and significantly more significant than the remaining lobes, which forms the shape of a cross. The leaves have a rough texture and a rich green hue on top with a yellow fuzz underneath. The acorns of the tree are about 2/3 of an inch long with a cup-shaped bowl. The bark of the post oak tree looks a lot like the white oak tree.

  The wood of the post oak tree is sturdy and heavy, and it is often used for railroad ties and posts. The more giant trees are used for lumber. Post oak trees hybridize well with the southern live oak, adding curb appeal to your property. 

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