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Pink Muhly Grass

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Pink muhly grass is a beautiful ornamental grass.

Pink muhly grass is native to the eastern region of the U.S. The grass grows up to four feet high and has a spread of about three feet. Pink muhly grass has tiny flowers that grow over the blades. The grass is very easy to grow and is drought-tolerant. It grows best in hardiness zones 3-9.

 You can plant pink muhly grass near the edge of the lawn for curb appeal, but the ornamental grass also works as a stunning garden border. 

This grass displays bursts of light purple and pink hues that look similar to ballerina tutus or cotton candy. The color is the tiny flowers that grow on the grass. The blooms appear in autumn when many plants are shedding their leaves or becoming dormant. When the flowers fade in winter, the seed pods make a winter landscape especially inviting. 

 Pink muhly grass thrives in various soil conditions and grows in both moist and dry, rocky soil. 

The plant must be drained well but can withstand flooding for a short time. 

To get the best visual effect, plant the grasses about two feet apart from each other, and ensure they receive full sun. 

Sunlight causes the grass to thrive and shows off the beautiful flowers. Be sure to cut the grass back during the beginning of spring to keep it looking its best. 

 You should water the grass often, especially when it is first planted. Once the plants are established, it doesn't need much maintenance. Just be sure to water the grass during droughts. If you want to fertilize pink muhly grass, use a diluted fertilizer during spring. It's also easy to propagate the grass. Just dig the plant up and divide the root ball before replanting it in a container or the ground. It would help if you watered the transplants regularly until the pink muhly grass is well established.

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