Pine Trees

Pine Trees

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Latin Name- Pinus Ponderosa Hardy Planting Zone- 3-7 Mature Height- 60-100 ft Width- 25-30 Sun or Shade- Prefers Full Sun

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Pine Trees is also evergreen and is present even in the fiercest winters.

These leaves don't fall off as with other hardwood trees in the fall months. These trees valued for their ability to offer wind protection does to their thick structure. These trees are also used widely for the ever-popular Christmas tree. The White Pine is a large rapid growing pine tree that is known to use in making wreaths. This large tree can grow over one hundred and fifty feet tall at a rate of three or more feet per year. This tree is also drought resistant. The Loblolly Pine is the fast-growing pine tree and is known to grow up to five feet in one year. It is also the second most commonly grown tree in the United States.

The Virginia Pine is a small to medium sized pine tree that is quite hardy.

The Spruce Pine is another fast-growing tree that will be done growing in 50-60 years completely. This tree grows best in partial shade. The Yellow pine is a common pine tree and is prized for both Christmas trees and Lumber trees. This plant can grow best in moist soils. The Longleaf Pine tree is a native tree to the southeastern United States. This tree is known to handle extreme drought well. The Ponderosa Pine is the most popular pine. It is a tall grower but is loved for its unique shape as well as extreme hardiness. Pine trees are often used during the holiday season as Christmas trees. There are more than 100 species of pine trees with 35 of them being native to North America. These trees are a popular addition to many living spaces because they have blue to dark green needles all year long that provides a splash of color during drab winter months. Species of pine trees are often determined by the length of their needles. Some pine trees have needles as short as one inch. Others have needles growing to over 11 inches long. Pine trees also produce pine cones that can vary in size from about 1.5 inches to over 19 inches. Climate Zone: 3 to 9 Mature Height: 40 to 150 Feet Mature Width: 40 - 60 Feet Sunlight: Full Sunlight, partial Soil Conditions: Adaptable

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