Pine Straw Mulch 5 Gallon bags

Pine Straw Mulch 5 Gallon bags

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Pine Straw Mulch

Pine Straw Mulch; A Renewable Organic Source In Gardening


Pine Straw Mulch is a prime soil covering for your garden. It provides protection from erosion, retains soil moisture, and doesn't float like traditional wood mulch. This makes it stay in place, and prevents wash-away or making a mess on walkways. Since it is an organic matter, it will slowly break down which keeps the soil below aerated. Reapplying is generally not necessary, since it does not compact, it stays uniform and loosely laid. 


Moisture loss in soil is prevented due to the inability to quickly evaporate when covered by Pine Straw Mulch. The acidic pine needles keeps your soil balanced, and acid loving plants such as roses thrive in this environment. 
Other types of mulch, such as wood chips or bark, dry out entirely. This causes them to float when water is present, and get carried away to paths. This causes unsightly bare spots, exposed soil, and reapplication becomes pertinent. Naturally dense, interlocking pine mulch prevents this and remains uniform. 

Environmentally Friendly 

In addition, Pine Straw Mulch provides a lasting, even color that is visually appealing and adds a beautiful tone to any garden or landscape. Spreading this mulch in the garden provides beneficial moisture, balance, and weed prevention. The non-intrusive collection of Pine matter makes this a natural, renewable source of gardening mulch.


Pine straw mulch are often used as ground cover in garden beds for landscaping needs.


It is great for keeping the soil underneath insulated. It is also great since it does not move with rainfall even in heavy rain. Due to the pine needles interlocking, they are great to use on hills or slopes. There is a large and wide variety of plants that can thrive well with this mulch without compromising their health. It is recommended when using this as mulch that you spread a 2-3 inch layer thick amount of the pine needles around the area. It should be dispersed loosely but fully. Although this can a little bit more time consuming it will be sure to provide a great natural looking ground cover and help the plants stand out. If it is applied in more of a clumpy manner, it will often not look as attractive and cover a much smaller area.

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