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Pine Mulch 3 gallon bags

Pine Mulch 3 gallon bags

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Pine Mulch

Naturally shredded by pine trees, making it a highly renewable source for mulch, pine mulch is a natural looking more organic way to keep weeds at bay in landscaping.

This particular mulch breaks down fairly slowly. It is naturally acidic upon breaking down creating an acidic environment in the soil which is ideal for plants which thrive in acidic environments, such as azaleas. Pine mulch is made from shredded bark from pine trees. This is great to use to help to keep unwanted weeds away and to help retain water moisture in the soil. It is typically a pink or red color and all natural. This mulch will be sure to last for years while still staying attractive. To help keep weeds at bay it is best to apply a two to three-inch layer of this mulch in the garden. Using this keep the weeds from growing will also help to keep the nutrients in the soil that are essential for plant life. Due to it helping the soil retain water there will also be less watering needs for the plants. If there is a dense enough layer of this placed on the ground, it can also often help with erosion control. This is especially important to bordering plants or around tree trunks. If applying to garden side tree trunks, it is best to apply the mulch in a flat layer rather than a cone. Applying it in a cone layer can often pull the moisture away from the tree.

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