Pine cones 1 Gallon bag

Pine cones 1 Gallon bag

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Pine cones can be used for many great things.

They can be used in the garden, as a decoration in the home, for crafting, or as a bird feeder. In the garden these pine cones can be used as a natural mulch around trees. It will not only help to add character to the area but can help make the area less appealing to animals that tend to dig. It can also make soils that are more alkaline become a little more acidic.

These also make a great and inexpensive bird feeder, especially during the winter months.

All that needs to be done to turn this to a favorite for birds is to roll it in peanut butter and then in oats or bird food. With the versatility of the use of these cones, there will always be something in which they can be used for and will not go to waste.

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