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Pin Oak Tree

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 Pin Oak Tree  is a straight and slender tree that many people love to see in their backyards.


Hardy Planting Zone- Zones 3-9

 Bloom Season - Late spring

 Bloom Color - Yellow-green

 Height at Maturity - 65' to 70'

 Soil Type Preferred- Acidic, wet soil

 Sun or Shade - Full sun

 Pin oaks are hardy trees used in landscaping that grow in a pyramid-like shape and have a dense canopy. 

The canopy gives these oak trees a unique silhouette. At the top of the tree, the branches point upwards. The middle and lower branches hang to the side or below the tree. The bark of this tree is smooth and gray. As the trees grow older, they develop deeper fissures in the trunk.

  In the late spring, after the last frost, pin oaks produce yellow-green catkins and begin to sprout leaves. Pin oak leaves are distinctive; they each have five lobes, and deep sinuses separate these lobes. In the summer, the leaves are a dark glossy green color.

 In the autumn, pin oak leaves become a beautiful orange or bronze. The acorns of these trees are about one-half of an inch long and require multiple seasons to develop fully.

Pin oaks are fast growers, but they have a short lifespan compared to other oak species.

 They only live to be about 120 years old, when other trees in their family can reach a few centuries. It is also different from other oak species because its root system is shallow rather than deep and strong. Pin oaks grow well in wetland or clay soil, and they can tolerate occasional flooding. Alkaline soils should be avoided with this species of oak. They run the risk of turning yellow when the environment has a high pH content.

  The acorns of pin oak trees will attract a variety of wildlife. Deer, squirrels, ducks, and rabbits will feed on the acorns that fall to the ground.

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