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Phlox Plant

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Phlox plants reveal colorful star-shaped flowers and are easy to grow and low maintenance.


Hardy Planting Zone – USDA zones 3 through 9

 Bloom Season – July through September

 Bloom Color – Blue, purple, red, white, pink

 Height at Maturity – 1 to 5 feet

 Soil Type Preferred – well-drained, moist, fertile soil that is enriched with organic matter or compost.

 Sun or Shade – Full sun, some shade


 There are two different forms of Phlox, garden form, which goes by the scientific name Phlox paniculata, which grows about 3 feet and is an upright flower, and the creeping Phlox, a year-long spring ground cover. 


 The mid-summer season is the perfect time for garden phlox to bloom. It looks beautiful in pollinator gardens, perennial gardens, and cottage garden landscapes. 

 The creeping Phlox blooms in mid-spring and is ideal for cascading over planters and low walls and an excellent option for edging gardens. Both phlox forms produce a light fragrance that attracts hummingbirds and butterflies. 

 The taller versions need to be planted towards the garden's back to prevent blocking other plants and flowers from being seen. They look great when planted alone or near other colorful plants and greenery. 

 When in bloom, phlox plants reveal colorful star-shaped flowers. Phlox are native to North America and are a popular choice for gardens, yards, and landscapes. 

 They also attract birds and butterflies, which is a massive incentive for planting these beautiful flowers in various areas of your yard or garden. 

 The variety of colors allows gardeners to choose to stay with one solid color or plant various colors in the same area or flower pot to create a unique arrangement. 

 When planted closely together in abundance, Phlox creates a dense and vibrant appearance that boosts the appearance of any landscape, yard, or garden. A beautiful choice is to choose color hues to plant next to each other to create a cheerful and serene environment.

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