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Periwinkle Plant

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Periwinkle plant will grow efficiently in partly shaded environments, and it is versatile enough to grow in heavily shaded areas as well.

Periwinkle Plants


Hardy Planting Zone- Periwinkle plants are most likely to thrive in USDA growing zones 4 through 8 (all states from Maine through Florida, some parts of Alaska, & none of Hawaii)

 Bloom Season - Periwinkle plants will first bloom in the spring (March or April) and then sometimes again in the fall 

 Bloom Color -During the bloom season, Periwinkle plants will blossom and display their blue, lavender, purple, or white flowers

 Height at Maturity - Periwinkle plants only grow to be between 3 & 6 inches tall at maturity, with trailing vines that can grow up to 18 inches long 

 Soil Type Preferred- Periwinkle plants are very adaptable and can grow in any soil (acidic, neutral, & alkaline). However, they prefer acidic and slightly moist soils in areas that aren’t prone to serious or extended droughts.

 Sun or Shade - Although they are very adaptable and can grow in nearly any condition, Periwinkle plants grow best in either full sun or partial shade underneath trees.


 Periwinkle plants are subshrubs or short & woody plants native to south and central Europe.

Known worldwide for their vibrantly colored flowers, they are grown in places as far north as Alaska, as far south as Texas, and as far east as Portugal and France. Vertically, they grow slower than most plants, but laterally, they grow at a faster rate than most plants, with each of their vines adding anywhere between 12 & 18 inches per year.

Commonly used as a groundcover, they will overpower any other plants in their area, so it’s best to plant it alone or with bulbs.

However, this same smothering makes maintenance in the planting area easy since they smother weeds. Despite being relatively low maintenance, it is essential to periodically check the plant for canker, root rot, and botrytis blight, especially in humid or wet climates.

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