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Shade Perennials

Shade Perennials - Colors and Textures for Shady Areas.

Use shade perennials in those shady spots in your yard. At Garden Plants Nursery, we offer a variety of choices that will add color, texture, and interest to those shady areas. Being perennials, they will show their colors from spring to summer and die out during the winter. Shade perennials increase in beauty year after year! Consider the Trillium, a native woodland plant with three leaves, three sepals, and three petals. The painted trillium flower is bicolor, with white exteriors and dramatic color exploding from the center of the flower. The Red Columbine has showy red and yellow flowers that look a little bit like drooping bells. It likes to be moist but prefers the soil well-drained. It is semi-evergreen. Spiderworts are a wildflower favorite that offers unique flowers - usually blue to purple. Like daylilies, the flowers are only open for a day- but there are a lot of them. They grow in clumps, so they're ideal for borders. They will grow in containers, as well.

Quality Bare Root Shade Perennials from Garden Plants Nursery.