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Perennial Grab Bag- 25 Plants Selected Perfect For Your Growing Zone

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Perennial Grab Bag- 25 Plants Selected Perfect For Your Growing Zone  are a great way to get some ground coverage for medium-sized areas and can often be customized for your hardiness zone to ensure the best results.

Perennial Grab Bag- 25 Plants Selected Perfect For Your Growing Zone

Perennial Advantages In Landscaping 

Spring is a perfect time to plant many perennials in your garden and flower beds. Perennials may die back in the winter, but they will return in spring to put on a flowering show again. These are known as herbaceous perennials. Those that don't die back are known as evergreen perennials. Some are known as long-lived perennials, while others are short-lived.


Planning the Design for the Flower Bed


 You'll likely want a mix of both to add various forms and colors throughout the landscape. Get perennial plants that are compatible with your gardening Hardiness Zone if you want them to return. Perennial plants can grow as annual plants (those that do not come back) if planted in an incompatible Zone. This planting is a way to add perennial color and texture for a season.

 Perennial Grab Bag offer a variety of perennials for your landscape

 Perennial plants are the backbone of the landscape in many plantings. Add annual flowers in the bed with them to complete the display. For instance, grow the indestructible daylily and add petunias to creep below. Match colors, or add contrasting colors for impact. The perennial daylily multiplies each year so that you can expect more flowers as the years pass.


 The beautiful flower of this favorite plant only lasts for a day, but many more wait to replace it, resulting in a long-lasting display. Surround it with your favorite annuals or grow other perennial plants, like shorter Oriental and Asiatic lilies. Pack the bed with blooms to have new colors bursting from late winter through autumn.


Plant for All Seasons


 Perennial plants such as Crocus and Hellebores begin the blooming show in late winter, followed by daffodils, creeping phlox, and many others. Round your plantings with summer blooms and those that wait for cooler temps, like Autumn Joy sedum and the elegant Japanese Anemone. Do your research before you start planting to find the perfect mix for your garden.

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