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Peegee Hydrangea

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Peegee Hydrangea look lovely in a row, creating an informal border in the yard.

Pee Gee Hydrangea require a few hours of sun

Paniculata hydrangeas will develop and sprout in many atmospheres (solid to Zone 3!). Not at all like mopheads. They require a few hours of sun to do well. If your climate is excessively icy, making it impossible to develop the pink and blue hydrangeas, or if your scene doesn't have much shade, consider growing one of the many sorts of particulatas. North or south, we would all be able to appreciate them. Another attractive attribute of all paniculatas is their resilience for pruning. One can prune them whenever, except when they start framing blossom heads in the late spring. The particulate is the ONLY hydrangea that you can prune into a tree shape. The name "paniculata" originates from how a considerable lot of the sprouts are panicle-formed (to some degree cone molded) as opposed to ball-formed. Numerous paniculata sprouts build up a beautiful pink shade as the blossoms age, expanding their excellence into the fall. 


 An excellent paniculata and a standout amongst the most mainstream is 'Spotlight,' which can be developed in all parts of the United States except for those ranges which get no solidifying climate. The best-known Hydrangea paniculata is PeeGee. This hydrangea gets its moniker from its plant name, H. paniculata 'Grandiflora' (PG). Even though PG alludes just to the 'Grandiflora' assortment, numerous nurserymen have begun alluding to all paniculatas as PeeGees. 


 There are numerous assortments and types of H. paniculata, such as 'Spotlight' and 'Tardiva.' The spotlight is a particularly lovely paniculata and is also a standout amongst the most famous. 'Spotlight' can be developed in all parts of the United States aside from those territories which get no solidifying climate. Dissimilar to different Hydrangeas, PeeGee Hydrangeas cherish the sun. They can take the hot sun and even take incomplete shade. They won't blossom well in full shade, yet they will live and sprout sporadically. Picking the ideal spot is redundant for PeeGee's. They are adaptable and solid much of the time.

Pee Gee Hydrangea are hardy in zones 3 through 8

PG, or PeeGee, Hydrangea is an excellent plant for homeowners who desire a landscaped border around their yards. It proliferates into a vast, flowering shrub and requires little maintenance. If the plant is pruned in the spring, it will become a smaller shrub with more prominent blooms. If it is not pruned, the plant will grow larger, eventually becoming a tree with many smaller blooms. Once it blooms, the large whiteheads remain on the plant for an extended interval before turning pink and then brown in the winter. It grows very well in full sunlight and partially shaded areas. For those living in dry climates, the PG Hydrangea should not be planted where it will receive direct sunlight during the afternoon hours.



 Climate Zone: 3 to 8


 Mature Height: 10 to 25 ft.


 Sunlight: Prefers: Partial Sun/Partial Shade


 Blooming Season: August and September


 Soil Conditions: Moist, Well-Drained Soils


 Botanical Name: Hydrangea paniculata “Grandiflora”


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