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Peat Moss

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Peat Moss is utilized as what experts call a "soil conditioner"

Hardy Planting Zone- Peat moss grows best in USDA climate zone 3- 9

Height at Maturity – The moss plant can grow 6 inches high with a 3-inch width

Soil Type Preferred- Does well in wet soil 

Sun or Shade – Grows well in low to moderate sun


 Peat moss, also known as sphagnum moss or bog moss, is commonly used as soil replacement or amendment.

 It is spongy, a quality that improves aeration, soil structure, and drainage to prevent roots from rotting. 

  The vigorous and hardy moss forms a carpet with shades of green, brown, tan, and yellow gold. It produces tiny light green narrow leaves during spring, which change color to green with brown and golden hues. This soil conditioner plant has a pale to deep green color with a plant leaf-like structure containing a living green cell. It is also made up of veinless leaves that contain enlarged and interconnected dead cells. The distinguishing feature of the Peat moss is a unique branch structure emanating from the middle of the plant. 

  Bog moss requires little direct sunlight and hence easy to grow. What’s more, Peat moss has low maintenance requiring little pruning. The plant grows at a slow rate living for up to 3 years under ideal conditions. The moss changes appearance depending on humidity levels appearing full and strongly curved when wet.

Peat moss boasts unique water retaining properties.

 The nutrient retaining and water holding capacity makes it ideal for planting sandy soil or growing plants that require a lot of moisture to flourish, such as mushrooms. The plant forms dense clumps around swamps and ponds. It is easily found on tree backs, stone, wood, soils, rocks, and various other surfaces.

  It prefers acidic, moist to wet soil. Besides, it makes soil acidic suitable for growing plants such as camellias, blueberries, and azaleas that grow well in an acidic environment.

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