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Paw Paw Tree

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Paw Paw Tree can mature in 3-4 years when planted as a sapling.

Paw Paw Tree is one of the giant edible fruit trees

Paw Paw Tree -- Asimina Triloba


 The Paw Paw tree is a southern staple prized for its dark leaves, deep purple flowers, and tasty fruit. The Paw Paw is one of the giant edible fruit trees. It is a sturdy tree that grows wild and in gardens all over the southeast, the east, and far north as Canada. In the wild, Paw Paws often grow in large thickets close to riverbanks.


 Paw Paws are beautiful. They produce dark, glossy leaves and bell-shaped, purple flowers. They grow in an unusual pear-shaped size that towers above any garden as a striking presence. Paw Paws can grow to 20 feet, but most garden Paw Paws only reach 10 feet in height. Because of their high conical top, Paw Paws make an eye-catching display from any angle. They make an excellent addition to any landscaping plan. The Paw Paw's distinctive shape and rich coloring make it a standout in your yard. 

 Paw Paw grow best in zones 5 through 9

 Many animals are attracted to the delicious, sweet fruit of the Paw Paw. If your tree starts to produce fruit, you'll have a lot of wildlife visitors. Don't forget to save some fruit for yourself!


 Paw Paw trees are hardy. They resist disease and pests. That makes them a favorite among gardeners who don't want to use pesticides. Paw Paws grow best in Zones 5 to 9. The best soil for them is moist, well-drained, slightly acidic, and nourished by compost or other natural fertilizers. Paw Paws prefer to start their life in the shade and finish it in indirect sunshine. You could try making a small tent to cover your sapling for the first growing season.


 A Paw Paw tree is a welcome addition to any garden. Ours are shipped as bare roots that arrive strong, healthy, and ready to plant.

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