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Partridgeberry Plant

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Partridgeberry Plant thrives in deciduous, coniferous, or mixed forests in partial or complete shade.

Partridgeberry’s binomial name is Mitchella repens

The Partridgeberry has shiny green leaves that produce tiny trumpet-shaped flowers with white petals. That is where the berries grow, and they are bright red. The Partridgeberry ripens between July and October, and only a small amount of berries is produced. The blooming season for this berry is during the summer months. The Partridegberry consists mainly of foliage. This type of berry is not highly recommended for garden or home use, but some gardeners use this plant for a year-round type of decoration for their landscape.


USDA Climate Zone – Zone 4-9
Tree Height – 2 -4 inches tall (5cm-10cm); stem – 15cm – 30cm long
Soil Type – Sandy/Moist
Sun – heavy shaded locations/dry

Partridgeberries are eaten by several species of birds, foxes, mice, and skunks

The Partridgeberry goes by several names: two-eyed berry, squawvine, twinflower, teaberry, running box, etc., to name a few. Partridgeberry is edible, but it is not very tasty. It is very bland. These berries are found in the northern and southern parts of the USA. The leading growers of this type of berry are Nova Scotia and Florida. The Partridgeberry is used for many medicinal purposes, from cramps to digestive remedies. These plants can be used for foliage decorations or a treat for birds, but as for a Partridgeberry pie.

The Partridgeberry is a vine that will stay green throughout the year. This vine has a white color stem. This vine will produce herbs that will take the shape of mats when they are growing. When these vine flowers are white, and many of them will grow in pairs. The berries come off of this plant are scarlet. This plant will add a touch of brightness to landscaping during the bland winter months. This vine grows well in rock gardens and is an excellent ground cover for shrubs. The herb from this plant can be used in many ointments and heal cramps, body aches and assist with pain control during childbirth.


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