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Organic Mulch 2 Gallon Bags

Organic Mulch 2 Gallon Bags

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Organic Mulch

The uses of organic mulch in landscaping offers so many benefits.

Organic mulch helps to discourage weeds, it becomes food for the plants and it retains moisture. Organic mulch is easy to make and can be done with ingredients from around your home and yard. Using organic mulch can also help with certain pest problems as well. Organic mulch is often preferred in gardens when it comes to mulching needs since it consists of natural materials that are typically readily available. It is a great way to use what would otherwise end up in the trash in a useful and effective way. Using organic mulch can help plants keep their water moisture in dry and hot summer months. It typically acts as an insulator and keeps the soil moist and able to retain the moisture needed for the plants. In the winter months, it can help keep plants from freezing and dying. This mulch will also help prevent more watering needs. Using this mulch will often also help to keep the soil from getting onto leaves and causing mold. This, in turn, helps and prevents plants from getting diseases. Another great thing about organic mulch is that as it decays, it increases in organic matter. This, in turn, puts humus in the soil which is ideal for plant growing.
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