October Glory Maple

October Glory Maple

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October Glory Maple is an extremely popular fall tree. This tree is most beloved for its fall coloration."

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October Glory Maple Tree

The October Glory Maple Tree, Acer Rubrum, is a type of maple tree that lives in temperate environments and can grow up to 50 feet in height. The tree can grow in any kind of soil but has a preference for moist soils that are well drained and only slightly acidic. October Glory Maples are known to grow around fifty feet high and is rather stocky. This maple tree has a dark brown bark, and this bark is rough to the touch. This plants foliage is similar to a star shape and is synonymous with maple trees. These leaves are a dark green coloration, but their real beauty is in the fall months when fall comes this maple tree's leaves change from dark green to a glorious orange color. This fall color is the biggest reason this plant is enjoyed.

This bright orange color makes this maple tree look as though it's on fire, and the beautifully colored leaves can last as long as three or more weeks of glorious beauty.

This plant also blooms small fresh flowers in the springtime months. These flowers later form into small, winged seeds that spread the seeds quite far when the wind blows them away. This maple tree is also known to be used in the productions of the sweet maple syrup that is considered a common food staple to many people. This tree is adaptable to many soils and is native to the East Coast of the United States. This tree can be found growing from the parts of Canada all the way down the Appalachian mountain range. This tree also needs full sunlight to live, although this tree can handle a little bit of shade. This beautiful maple tree is also very low maintenance and resistant to disease.

Climate Zone: 5 to 8 Mature Height: 40 - 50 Feet Mature Width: 20 - 30 Feet Sunlight: Full Sunlight to Partial Shade Soil Conditions: Adaptable

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