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Ninebark Shrub

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Ninebark Shrub  foliage comes in a wide range of colors given the cultivars on the market, from green and golden to burgundy and purple.

Ninebark bloom during spring and summer

Ninebark is a deciduous shrub that attracting flowers that bloom during summer and spring. The ninebark shrub has white cup-shaped flowers that have filaments exposed, attracting butterflies and bees. The plant grows in moist soil, but it is drought-resistant and does well in semi-arid areas. The ninebark shrub is used for ornamental purposes but also can be used in xeriscaping. There are various types of ninebarks which include;

Diablo ninebark
Diablo ninebark has gorgeous purplish foliage with white cup-shaped flowers. It is mainly used for ornamental purposes as its purple and white color combination gives distinctive visual contrast.

Dart’s Golden Ninebark
Dart’s Golden Ninebark is a yellowish edition of ninebark. Like Diablo ninebark, Dart’s ninebark has white flowers but green-yellowish leaves. Many individuals who have a taste for golden-yellowish color combinations choose this for ornamental purposes.

Ninebark is adaptable to various conditions

Ninebark flowers emit a sweet scent and can be placed in flower jars and kept indoors. The shrub does best in well-drained soil, acidic soil, and partial or complete sunlight. The shrub is adaptable to various conditions making it widely available in different semi-arid and arid areas.

The shrub requires regular trimming to keep it in good shape by removing old branches. The shrub is poisonous, and one should not consume its leaves, roots, or flowers. It has medicinal value, but most individuals prefer using it for ornamental purposes. One can either propagate it from cuttings or grow it from seeds.

Its leaves are alternately arranged with toothed edges. It bears fruits, and the flower is a cluster containing at least five or more pink or white petals. The plant peels its bark for mature branches, the reason why it got the name ninebark. The ninebark has six to 20 species diversified in various regions. It’s native to Northeastern Asia and North America.

Not too many shrubs are grown for their attractive bark. However, the ninebark shrub is one of those few shrubs that are. This fast-growing shrub prefers being in the full sun and likes its soil to be rich, moist, and well-drained. There is not one part of this shrub that is not great to look at. It has both showy foliage and flowers. The fascinating part about this shrub is the bark. In the winter, the bark from the older shrubs peels away, making this a shrub for all seasons. This shrub works best placed in beds or used as borders.

Sun: Full Sun to partial shade
Height: 6 to 10 feet
Spread: 6 to 10 feet

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