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Nine Bark Live Stakes

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Nine Bark Live Stakes

Ninebark live stakes make a beautiful hedge if you need border plants that will thrive throughout the year. 

In the spring, the plant grows new, bright yellow leaves. As the year progresses, the leaves turn from yellow to burgundy or deep purple shade. The shrub also displays vivid red berries with a shiny texture. The berries tumble off near the middle of winter. 

  In the winter, the bark is the visually appealing part of the ninebark live stakes. The bark begins to peel when the weather is cold, giving the plant an eye-catching look that complements a garden or patio nicely. The bark reveals a different color with each exfoliation to make your yard especially welcoming. When the shrubs are planted close to each other, they form a live fence, which gives your backyard a little more privacy. Ninebark live stakes survive in various types of weather and grow in several soil types, but the plants thrive best in moist, well-drained soil. These hydrangea shrubs also need full sun or partial shade. 

  Ninebark shrubs reveal pink or white flowers that are shaped like snowballs to make your lawn more inviting. 

The plants are easy to maintain and grow best in hardiness zones 3-7 to withstand drought seasons.

 New cultivars of ninebark shrubs are significantly smaller, making the plants ideal for commercial landscapes, particularly if you want to line walkways or parking lots. The plants grow between three and eight feet at maturity and are between three to 12 feet wide. These shrubs pair well with hydrangea trees and Arrow Wood viburnum to create a tranquil space that makes you want to spend more time outdoors, regardless of the weather. If you're a beginner gardener, ninebark live stakes can motivate you to continue planting stunning blooms in your yard. 

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