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Mulch has many great gardening uses. It protects the fibrous root systems of fragile garden plants like perennials and fern rhizomes. There are many different types of mulch that can be used in gardens, on plants or any fragile plants. In freezing temperatures, mulch is always a good thing to have to protect fragile wetland plants near yard gardens or ponds. One favored type of mulch is cedar shavings. With its red color, the appearance is very attractive in gardens where there are low-lying plants like ground covers and vines.

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It also helps protect plants against weeds. With it's may great contributions in the garden no wonder it's quite a popular product we sell. Some large companies hire professional landscapers to apply additives to enrich and enhances the overall growth and well-being of garden plants, trees, and shrubs. Fertilizer can be added in pellet forms or organics. This is a surefire way to maximize the growth of all types of shrubbery and plants in the garden. Shrubs are those low growing plants that often when left without proper care allows weeds to overtake them. And naturally, the weeds will kill out anything they overpower for the nutrients and organisms they need from the soil. Using mulches prohibits weeds from taking over the plants. Another great idea is to use landscaping plastic when plants are first planted. Then mulch over the plastic to ensure a superior and healthy plant where no weeds will come in and harm the overall condition of the garden plants. Whether you are a garden diva or simply a homeowner wanting to protect your plants, mulch is the over best supplement you can use to protect and ensure the survivability of all your garden treasures.And always remember, shop at our online nursery and get all your landscaping plants at low grower prices too.