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Garden Moss

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Garden moss is a thick and lush growing moss.

Garden Moss 

Garden moss can grow in the USDA plant hardiness zones 3-9. 

This means garden moss can grow in almost every area of the continental United States and parts of Hawaii. Certain types of moss can handle being in a hardiness zone as low as 2, which covers the northern edge of Minnesota and most of the southern half of Alaska. 

Bloom Season – Garden moss actively grows during cool, wet months in the spring and fall. Garden moss will continue to grow at a slower rate during the winter months in milder hardiness zones. It will generally not grow during the summer months. 

 Garden moss grows in clumps and can reach a minimum height of two inches at maturity.

 It rarely grows to one foot in height at maturity. 

Preferred Soil Type – Garden moss can grow in almost any soil type. It grows best in compacted high acidic soil with a pH of around 5.5.

Sun or Shade – Garden moss grows best where there is moisture, but the area cannot be too wet. It grows best in the shade because shady areas tend to hold moisture better than sunny areas. 


 Plant Description – There are many kinds of garden moss, and they fall into two categories. Arcocarpous moss is short and upright with erect foliage. It forms mounded colonies and is suitable for weed control. Pleurocarpous moss attaches to rocks and grows in branches. It is better at growing in rough ground, and you can break off the branches and replant them in different areas of your yard.

 Garden moss, such as fern moss, is a low-growing, durable, and drought-resistant walkable lawn replacement. Mood moss can replace dry spots in your yard where there is limited foot traffic. Sheet moss is like fern moss. It is a low-growing walkable moss that can handle growing in a variety of conditions. 

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