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Moss Grab Bag

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Moss Grab Bag  It  reduces the effects of heavy rains.

Moss Grab Bag is perfect for shady areas

Moss grab bag is perfect for gardens that grow and layer bare patches of ground in shady areas. The moss has no roots and is perfect for growing and covering the ground lusciously where grass grows. Moss obtains all of its nutrients from the air as it has no roots and requires no maintenance other than shade, acidic soil, and enough moisture to allow it to flourish. Moss must be grown in areas where no other existing plants or debris are located, which impedes their growth.

Moss Grab Bag offers different varieties of moss 

Moss grab bags prefer to grow in poor quality soils that have deficient levels of nutrients. Using moss for a garden must be planted by tamping it firmly into the desired position and requires regular watering for the first 2-3 weeks of growth. Before using and planting moss in a garden, it is imperative to test the soil's pH level. Moss requires soil with a pH level between 5.0 and 6.0, which means it is highly acidic, a perfect habitat for moss to grab hold and thrive. Moss is so low maintenance and can grow in virtually any moist area, and it is a highly sought-after plant to make any garden look luscious. 

 Moss grab bag can grow anywhere that has bare soil, with detailed but straightforward transplanting instructions. Besides watering it, moss will be the lowest maintenance, most luscious plant in any garden, filling it with vibrant color!

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