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  • Mossarium Moss is made for the use of tropical plants and homes for pets such as reptiles. Mossarium Moss is generally known for being slow-growing and found in wooded areas or growing from rocky crevasses such as patio tiles.

    Mossarium Moss


    Mossarium Moss offer a variety of mosses to choose from Perfect Mosses For a Mossarium  It’s not easy setting up a terrarium. You have tools, equipment, where it will go, and then you must put it all together. But what about a mossarium?...

  • Peat Moss Peat moss is a good shade growing moss.

    Peat Moss


    Hardy Planting Zone- Peat moss grows best in USDA climate zone 3- 9 Height at Maturity – The moss plant can grow 6 inches high with a 3-inch width Soil Type Preferred- Does well in wet soil  Sun or Shade – Grows well in low...

  • Rock Cap Moss is clumping thick moss.
Rock Cap Moss uses its leaves to absorb water and nutrients

    Rocky Cap Moss


    Rock cap moss is a type of moss that is commonly found in the Northern hemisphere.   Places like North America, Mexico, New Zealand, and even Australia are where rock cap moss can be found. Rock cap moss is a beautiful, dark green plant found on...

  • Sheet moss  is a versatile plant species that provides a unique form of ground cover that adds a whimsical and charming appearance to your woodland garden setting. Sheet moss can survive in acidic soils in which most other plants cannot survive.

    Sheet Moss


    Sheet Moss    Hardy Planting Zone- Sheet moss cultivates well in USDA hardiness zones 3-9 Height at Maturity – The height of a mature moss ranges between 6 and 24 inches, with a 4 to 36-inch width Soil Type Preferred- Thrives in...

  • Sphagnum Peat Moss Sphagnum Peat Moss can survive in any environment.

    Sphagnum Peat Moss


    Hardy Planting Zone-Native to wetlands in the northern hemisphere, the sphagnum moss is a hardy plant. This species of moss typically grows in bogs or wetland areas. Add sphagnum peat moss to any plant's soil to enrich soil nutrient and water content...

  • Terrarium Moss

    Terrarium Moss


    Terrarium moss is commonly grown and harvested from the wet and woodsy outdoors.   It does not have a hardy plant zone because of its wild nature. Moss is a bryophyte which means it is a non-vascular land plant. It does not have vessels within it...

  • Thudium Moss is also known as Fern Moss
Thudium Moss is best grown in zones 3-8

    Thudium Moss


    Thudium moss is a stunning green color and is under 3 feet at maturity.  However, the plant can grow up to one foot in 12 months. The moss grows best when grown in hardiness zones 3-9 and is an ideal ground cover. The plant stems are about 3.5...

  • Topiary moss, or Sphagnum, is fun to use and will last for years.
Topiary Moss only requires a minimum amount of sunlight every day to thrive

    Topiary Moss


    Topiary moss is lovely if you want to craft shapes that go nicely with your landscape design.  You can use chicken wire to mold the design you want and place the moss pieces into the tiny holes in the wire. Topiary moss is fun to use and will last...

Mosses or Moss- It's a perfect moisture-loving staple in wet areas of landscaping

 Have you ever realized that it is simple to cover your bare ground with a plant? Mosses are one of the plants which will aid in the restoration of your ground's beauty. The plant will grow on rotting wood, on top of the rocks, and in rocky areas. Mosses have chlorophyll, the green coloring matter in the plant that gives it a beautiful appearance, making it attractive. There are types of mosses that will grow on the water called Ricciocarpus Nations, which means you will only need water to grow this plant. Mosses exist in about 12000 species. Mosses provide low-lying vegetation that gives a calm and friendly environment to lie on. 

A large number of the species are smooth in that they have no damage to barefoot. When it comes to providing cover to the ground, mosses are among the best plants to protect the bare soil from erosion. Mosses lower water runoff and encourage seepage of the rainwater. There is less water loss during the dry season from the ground covered with mosses. The moss prevents direct heat from the sun, thus a lower evaporation rate.

Some designers recognize the beautiful patterns produced by mosses on the ground. Mosses serve as an indicator of pollution. In the areas affected by air pollution, the scientist will notice it by the changes in mosses and provide the proper measures to curb pollution to the environment.



Peat moss is a source of fuel in areas where people face challenges in getting energy.


The harvesting of the mosses is very simple since the plant doesn't have roots. You only need some simple tools to remove it from the ground and dry it to fuel. Sphagnum, as one of the species of mosses, is used in whisky-making. The moss undergoes some processes to produce the final product. The mosses are acidic, preventing the growth of bacteria. If it grows in the water, the water will remain fresh since no bacteria will grow in its surrounding. It also controls mosquitoes since it purifies water, making it clean ever. Some mosquitoes cannot breed in clean water and therefore are eradicated.

Peat moss cleans the air since it stores a large amount of carbon from the atmosphere. When carbon is released by vehicles and industries, mosses regulate its composition in the air; thus, we have clean air to breathe in. therefore, if you have mosses around your compound, be sure to use clean air and a serene environment.


When you need to change some ugly appearance of the bare and rocky ground, use mosses to provide the natural green cover. These methods not only give beauty but also preserve the environment. At some point, some other plants grow beneath the mosses since they provide suitable habitat.

Mosses are available from the suppliers who will give you all you need to grow the plant and fulfill your dreams.

Mosses do not require special maintenance, such as fertilizer application. Therefore there is no or minimal cost to maintain these plants.


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