Moss Collection

Moss Collection

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Our Moss Collection is an excellent way to purchase many different kinds of mosses for you to put around your garden and natural areas.

This group could be planted all together in one area, or it could be split up into many different parts planted in different areas. It contains the best and most famous mosses available today. This moss can easily light up any shaded area with a bright green foliage that most of these moss have. The moss will also do great being used in your terrariums and aquariums for indoor usage. But they do just as well outside around water gardens where the moisture is high, and the shade is plentiful. The moss that are in this collection can also be used on rocks, wood, dirt and pretty much on any surface where the area stays moist all the time. In our moss collection, you will find samples of many of the moss that we sell. You will find cushion moss, carpet moss, sheet moss, Spanish moss and even the sphagnum moss. Each of this moss will do fantastic when you introduce them to your garden and natural landscape.

Moss Collection Ships As - Bareroot Plant