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Mood Moss

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Mood Moss thrives primarily in cool, dry forests and is very thick, challenging, and coarse-looking with slick, hairy-looking stems

Mood Moss - Dicranum Scoparium appears thick and fluffy with a velvet appearance

Mood Moss (Dicranum Scoparium) obtained its name because it is a type of moss that changes color with its moisture content. It has a whispy and slightly odd appearance when it is dry. When moist, mood moss appears thick and fluffy with a velvet appearance. Mood moss is also commonly used in terrariums. It grows three to four inches in thickness and easily breaks apart. It grows as clumps and can live on soil, rocks, or wood surfaces. Mood moss is most commonly used as a living mulch or an accent for plants or stones. It grows best in the shade to very shady locations. Mood moss is found growing naturally in forests across most of the United States.

 Mood Moss does not do good in heavy foot traffic

When planting mood moss, a gardener should clear the area of debris and weeds and make sure the soil is smooth. Wet the soil the moss is going to be growing on and the soil attached to the bottom of the moss. Firmly press moss to soil and water. Mood moss is a quickly spreading, low-laying moss that will spread from the soil onto nearby rocks. The first 4-12 weeks after planting, mood moss should receive three brief daily water sessions that last 4 minutes each. To establish a sprawling moss, a gardener should continue the same watering regime for the first year following the planting of the mood moss. Mood moss takes three to six months to become established and can become drought tolerant at that point. Not good in heavy foot traffic areas. 


 Mood Moss - Dicranum Scoparium - USDA Hardy Planting Zones 4-10 - Shady to full shade - when mature growth reaches 3 to 4 inches in thickness - spreading, sprawling low laying plant - Drought tolerant - Gardener Status: Beginner.

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