Mitchella Repens

Mitchella Repens

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Mitchella Repens is an evergreen non climbing plant. It is a creeping ground cover and grows best in the shade. Some people use this as a Christmas decoration."

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Mitchella Repens also known as the partridge berry and the squaw vine and is a creeping herbaceous, woody shrub and belongs to the madder family.

In the Mohawk language, it is called noon kie oo nah yeah, two-eyed berry and running fox. It is an evergreen climbing plant and has evergreen, dark green, and shiny green leaves and have an ovate shape. Leaves also have a pale yellow midrib, and they are also paired opposite of each other on the stem. The roots will sometimes grow in nodes, and the rooting stems will branch and repeated root and produce loose spreading mats. It has little trumpet-shaped flowers and is produced in pairs, and each flower is covered with small fined hairs. The plant also has red berries and also bright green foliage. It is a creeping ground cover and works best in the shade.

People use Mitchella Repens as a Christmas decoration.

American Indian women did use the plant leaves to make tea and ate the berries during childbirth. Grows in terrariums and the berries are edible but have no taste at all. Partridge Berry - Mitchella Repens Mitchella Repens, also commonly known as Partridge Berry is vine-like plants that will spread out rather quickly across the ground unless it is trimmed back. Its flowers are small and grow in pairs at the end of a stem. They are bright white with only four petals. After the flowers are done blooming the plant grows small red berries which attract deer, rabbits and many varieties of birds. They are editable but don't have any real favor. The Mitchella Repens has waxy looking leaves that are plentiful and also come in pairs opposite each other along the stem. They tend to be dark green in color with a yellow midrib down the center. This plant grows best in the shade.

Climate Zone: 3 to 8
Mature Height: up to 0.25 feet
Sunlight: full or partial shade
Blooming: May to July
Soil Conditions: moist rich well-drained soil

Mitchella Repens Ships As - Bareroot Plant