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Maple Leaf Viburnum

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Maple Leaf Viburnum can grow 4-6 feet tall.

Hardiness Planting Zone - 3 through 9

 Bloom Season - Summer

 Bloom Color - Yellow white

 Height at Maturity - Three to six feet

 Soil Type Preferred - Acidic well-drained soil

 Sun or Shade - Sun to part shade


 Maple Leaf Viburnum is a shrub that is known for its ability to grow in various environments.

 Growing to a size between three and six feet, the Maple Leaf Arrowwood has long, thin stems, long and narrow to add height and texture to any yard.

 In the Summer months, the Maple Leaf Viburnum provides a strong display of flowers between May and June. The Summer blooms are between three and five inches in diameter with white or yellow colors. These blooms are formed in tiny clusters that die away relatively quickly to be replaced by black or dark blue fruits that arrive towards the end of the winter. The arrival of the flowers and fruits is when wildlife makes its way to the shrub, which includes butterflies, deer, and squirrels.

 This shrub is a popular garden option because it grows in a variety of different soils and environments. The shrub is known for its ability to grow in sandy soils that are both rocky and sandy, which the majority of other shrubs would not grow in with ease. The Maple Leaf Viburnum maple-shaped leaves are deciduous and fall at the end of the growing season in the Fall. 

Before dropping its foliage, the leaves of the Maple Leaf Viburnum turn a rich red and purple color that provides a lot of interest for gardeners. 

The Maple Leaf Viburnum can grow in full sun to part shade, which allows these shrubs to be an excellent choice for many gardens and often be used as a hedge.

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