Loblolly Pine Tree

Loblolly Pine Tree

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Latin Name- Pinus Taeda, Hardy Planting Zone- 6-9 Mature Height- 60-90 ft Width- 25-30' Sun or Shade- Prefers Full Sun

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Loblolly Pine is valued for its timber and is often grown in large amounts for lumber.

This tree grows at a massive rate, equaling many feet per year, with some growing as much as four feet per year. The needles of this tree are not as thick as other pines but are still evergreen. The Bark is coarse and dark and at a time can have sap running off of it from holes made by insects. This tree creates red-brown cones that carry the seeds of the tree. These seeds are eaten by birds and squirrels, providing food for wildlife. This plant grows in a vast variety of soils and can adapt to almost anywhere, from rocky mountain soils to low wetland soils that bogs. The Loblolly pine cannot handle much shade and has to have full sunlight to grow. This tree noted for large stands of them growing up after fields were left abandoned.  Loblolly pines are also known to have one of the world's largest genome sequences that outdo even human genomes. This evergreen tree is often found growing naturally in southern portions of the United States.

Loblolly Pine Tree

 Loblolly Pine Tree (Pinus taeda L.) is one of the largest and fastest growing evergreen trees. It is a member of the Southern Pine family however it is not restricted to the South. Used frequently by landscapers to provide a 'quick screen' on properties because it can grow an average of 60'-100' high and have a spread of 25' to 35'. They are known to grow as large as 150'. This large tree can be quickly identified by its cluster of three dark green needles. The bark is dark grey/brown and scaly.
Loblolly is defined as 'mud hole' but the evergreen by the same name thrives in both wet and dry climates. It is drought resistant so it can be cultivated by those with green thumbs and not so green thumbs. This large tree can not only provide you with privacy, shade, windbreak and prevent erosion but it can also delight your senses with its fragrant smell. There are many animals that are known to enjoy this tree as well. Wild Turkey and Black-Capped Chickadee enjoy its seeds while the Beaver subsists of its bark and needles and the White-Tailed Deer partakes of its needles and twigs. With the help of a former president, the Loblolly Pine is known to be the most famous tree in golf. This particular evergreen sits just left of the 17th Fairway of the Augusta National Golf Club. It is said that former president Dwight D. Eisenhower who frequently used this course and had hit this particular tree so often that at a governors meeting he requested that it be removed. The club president and founder Clifford Roberts was residing at this meeting and to avoid telling the former president no he ruled him out of order and quickly adjourned the meeting. This tree is now known as Eisenhower's Tree and at 87 years old it still stands today. In fact, the Eisnehower's Tree is so beloved that it said to be 'insured' with another Loblolly Pine should Eisenhower's Tree ever fall it can quickly be replaced. Time to pack the picnic basket and enjoy some quiet time under your own beautiful Loblolly.

Climate Zone: 6 to 9 Mature Height: 60 to 90 Feet Mature Width: 40 - 60 Feet Sunlight: Full Sunlight Soil Conditions: Well-Drained Soil, Moist, Acidic soils

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