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Red Cardinal Flower

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Red Cardinal Flower will grow to a height of 35-47 inches

Hardy Planting Zone-3 to 9 

 Bloom Season -July to September 

 Bloom Color – Scarlet red 

 Height at Maturity – 4-feet tall 

 Soil Type Preferred- moist humus-rich soil 

 Sun or Shade-Full sun to part shade 


The lobelia cardinalis plant grows to be about 56-inches tall in zones 3 to 9.

 It needs constantly damp soil to thrive. It is a clump-forming perennial. The clump produces at least one terminal stalk with flowers on it from mid-summer through early fall. 

Many tubular flowers grow on each stalk. These flowers have two lips on their upper parts and three lips on their lower part; they are usually scarlet red. Butterflies and hummingbirds often find the flowers very attractive. 

 While its bright red flowers suggest that the plant is named after the cardinal bird, it takes its name from Roman Catholic cardinals. 

Each stalk also produces numerous leaves that alternate on either side of the stalk. The leaves are lance-shaped and finely toothed. Each dark green leave can be up to 4-inches extended. The leaves blowing in the wind make this plant an attractive option, even when it is not in bloom. 

This plant is beneficial in many landscapes because of its late summer bloom that starts when many other plants are beginning to fade. 

It is also helpful to add height behind other flower choices. It is often used in natural rain gardens. 

  It is relatively simple to keep this plant thriving. Make sure that the ground stays consistently moist. This plant does not like to dry out at all. It would help if you also mulched around the plant in the winter to help it survive in cooler climates. 

  Consider the lobelia cardinalis plant today if you have consistently wet areas where it can be difficult to grow other choices.

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