Live Moss Grab Bag

Live Moss Grab Bag

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Hardy Planting Zone 3-9, Light Requirement - Sun/ Shade, Mature Height 2"

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Moss grab bag

Mosses Are Great For Shade Areas

Live Moss Grab Bag If you have a shady yard that needs an extra punch of vibrant color, planting moss is a great option to give your yard a beautiful statement. Grass needs sunny areas to grow in which can be problematic for gardens that have a lot of tree covered shade. Bare patches of yard that have no green life need a little extra help coming to life. Moss is a perfect solution for this problem! Moss for gardens comes in grab bags, or large sections of moss. In nature, moss grows best in shaded areas with a lot of moisture like forest creek beds and streams. They hold onto moisture and spread their nutrients to other plants in the yard which helps the whole garden grow. Once the moss grab bags are laid in the garden, they have to be watered regularly for the first few weeks as they take root, but going forward they are extremely low maintenance plants. They grow and thrive in shaded areas where grass struggles to survive, and hold onto moisture and nutrients and spread them to other plants in the garden. If you have a shady garden with bare ground and struggle to get grass to grow, consider adding moss to your yard to get the colorful yard of your dreams! Live moss grab bag is a handpicked variety of our best selling mosses. Each bag comes with a variety of plants that all have one thing in common shade! They come well packaged and can be grown anywhere indoors or out. They can grow under trees, along a shady path or in a terrarium or aquarium. One will find there is a wide variety of ones that will come so have fun with them!  These moss plants grow with ease and create a beautiful garden or natural area as they grow.  They provide gorgeous green color as they mature. Coverage 10 Square Feet. Ships As - Bareroot Plant
Live Moss Grab Bag Ships As Bare Root