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Live Moss

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Live Moss : Shade Loving Alternative to Grass.

Moss has long been used in rock gardens, as a ground cover between stepping stones, or to cover a shady light traffic area in the yard. Its green color is soothing, and it requires little maintenance. For similar reasons, many people are now looking at moss as a lawn replacement. It stays green year around, as long as both moisture and sunlight are available. It hardly needs any weeding or watering once established. Mosses are a plant type called bryophyte. Unlike other plants, it has no true roots, flowers or seeds. They are slow growing. These plants don't store energy in their tissues like other times of plants, so they only grow when there is sunlight, moisture, and temperatures above 20 degrees Farren height. They are propagated through division. Until they are established, they need lots of moisture. One of the easiest types to grow is  the sheet variety.If you live in the south, try some Spanish Moss. This unique variety hangs down from the limbs of trees, providing cover and nesting material for many birds.
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