Live Garden Moss Collection

Live Garden Moss Collection

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ardy Planting Zones- 3-9 Sun or Shade – Partial Sun to Full Shade Mature Height - 2-28" Mature Width- 1-27" Bloom Season – n/a Gardener Status- Beginner

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Live Garden Moss Collection

Garden Moss Can Spruce Up Landscapes, And Even Harvested For Craft Projects
Characteristics Of Live Garden Moss 

Live Garden Moss can add a beautiful ground covering to any landscape or garden, offering a solid carpet of dense, green plant. Most species require plenty of shade, while some can withstand a small amount of sunshine for a limited time per day and still others that prefer full sun. However, the majority of Moss species prefer dense shade. Hues of light mint to deep lustrous forest green is determined by species and native geographical location. 

Requirements And Preferences 

Live Moss can spread quickly, given the proper environment. A moist, well-drained fertile soil is needed for optimal growth. Acidic soil is the preferred pH for a healthy, steady growth pattern. Reproduction is achieved by spreading spores, as they are a seedless plant. Placing in a well shaded area of the garden will slowly grow to cover the entire area, leaving a beautiful carpet-like landscape under your plants, that also helps retain moisture for other nearby garden foliage. 

Variety Of Applications 

Garden Moss is a low maintenance plant that with plenty of moisture, can be left to its own devices and thrive. Without ample moisture, this plant will simply go dormant, and patiently wait for hydration and thrive once more. The unique qualities of Garden Moss makes it ideal for sprucing up any landscape. It can be grown in an outdoor garden, an aquarium, terrarium, or even indoors. There are also many uses for harvesting Garden Moss. Since it keeps its beautiful color after harvest allows for decorating silk flower arrangements, or craft projects.

Live Garden Moss Collection Carpet Moss Sheet Moss Spaghnum Moss Irish Moss Reindeer Moss or other varieties we sell.

 This collection is an assortment of different moss plants that are very easy to grow and care for.  Planting moss does not take a lot as it takes hold where ever it is planted.  Most moss plants thrive in fully shaded areas and there are also some that grow well in sunlight.  These moss plants paint a beautiful picture as they grow and cover an area with a carpet of beautiful and bright green color.  They provide a very natural look and feel to all gardens and natural areas.

Live Garden Moss Collection Ships As - Bareroot Plant