Lavender Crepe Myrtle

Lavender Crepe Myrtle

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Lavender Crepe Myrtle is a small tree that is grown and loved for its colorful blooms. This tree often grows around 25 feet high when it's fully grown. This plant has a light grey color to the bark.

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Lavender Crepe Myrtle grows many trunks from one main base.

These trunks will twist and curl around each other making a dense network of tree trunks. This plant has deep green leaves that appear in the spring. Along with the beautiful foliage of the flowering tree a lot of blooms also appear during the spring. The blooms are lavender colored to a red color. These small blooms come in many large clusters covering the trees in beauty and color. It will make the tree a large attraction for all who pass. These blooms also attract many wonderful bees and butterflies to the flowers on the tree. These flowers can also be cut and placed in a vase to make a beautiful center piece inside. This small tree makes a great addition to any gardening and landscaping area. This tree grows rather quickly and can easily put on up to two feet when a year when it is fully grown in a good area.

This plant also needs well-draining soils to grow well.  This small tree is also a favorite among wildlife, such as common birds who eat the flowers as well as they make their nests in the strong branches and concealing leaves. Hardy in zones 7-9, grown in well drained soil and full sun, Lavander Crepe myrtle can achieve heights of 25' with a canopy of 15-20'. Individual cultivars have some variations on mature size, the popular "Muskogee" fits this description and is widely known for it's beauty. Some ciites have these trees lining the streets, and when in bloom, the sight is breathtaking. These trees are indeed the quintessential tree of the south.

As attractive as the flowers are, they are only one reason to plant Lavander Crepe myrtle.

The foliage during the summer is a rich, glossy green, which is a perfect background for the magnificent blooms.But the show continues into autumn. The foliage bursts into vibrant shades of red and orange and is one reason why this tree is so popular with homeowners. This tree continues providing interest even into winter as the bark, in many cultivars is very attractive. In mature trees, the bark will peel, a perfectly normal process for this tree. The trunk and branches take on different hues of color because of this and truly makes Lavander Crepe myrtle a tree for all seasons.

This tree is easy to grow and puts on growth rapidly. If planted in an area that allows for it's eventual size, pruning is not needed and will allow for a showier bark pattern to emerge. It does best in lightly acid to acid soil and once established is water needs are low to average. It does need to be planted in full sun. This is a homeowner's dream as it shows resistance to disease and drought. Even the gardener's nemesis, deer, don't find this tree very palatable, making this an attractive solution to the problem of uninvited guests devouring the landscape. These trees can be featured in the middle of a perennial garden as a focal point. They are stunning when used in mass plantings such as street trees or lining a winding driveway. Equally at home in the front or backyard they provide an all season canvas of color to enjoy. Rural, suburban or in a large city,these trees bring grace and beauty wherever they are planted.

Climate Zone: 6 to 10 Mature Height: 25 Feet Mature Width: 25 Feet Sunlight: Prefers Full Sunlight Soil Conditions: Moist, well-Drained

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