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Jack in the Pulpit

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Jack In The Pulpit is a shade growing woodland plant

Hardy Planting Zone: 3 to 9

Bloom Season: Early Spring to early Summer; March-June

Bloom Color: Green with brown stripes. It also has red berries in the later part of the bloom season.

Height at Maturity: 1 to 3 feet

Soil Type Preferred: Rich, moist soil

Sun or Shade: Thrives in wet, shady areas


Jack in the Pulpit has four distinct parts that make up the whole plant.

 Leaves, flowers, stems, and late-season berries make this a visually complex and very useful perennial. 

  The stems of this plant are shaded in a green-to-pink ombre and covered in a similar fuzz to the leaves. The pinkest parts of the stems are the shade of a darkening sunset. Within the blossoms are large individual stamens that range in color from white to light, yellowish-green that accentuates the colors of the surrounding petals. 

The leaves of Jack in the Pulpit are green and triplicate, with jagged edges and a light fuzz covering the surface.

 These leaves are arranged around the green and brown striped flowers. During the later months of the growing cycle, some leaf clusters surround nuggets of berries that begin as green and become bright red. 

  Birds often enjoy eating the berries of this plant, which are clustered together much like a seed pod. When planting the actual seeds and cultivating the plants, care should be taken to ensure they are not allowed to dry out, as doing so might render the growth potential empty. 

  While the blooms are typically green and brown, light shades of purple and even purplish pink have been observed. Like the stems, the blossoms can have one or two of these colors or a unique mixture.

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