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Iris Flower

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Iris Plants adds an enviable elegance to your garden.


Hardy Planting Zone - 3 through 9

 Bloom Season - Spring to Summer

 Bloom Color - Purple, blue, white, and yellow

 Height at Maturity - eight to 40 inches

 Soil Type Preferred - Well-drained soils of all types

 Sun or Shade - Full sun to part shade


More than 300 species of Iris grow well across the majority of soil and climate types. 

This flowering plant is named after the Greek Goddess Iris, known for riding around the ancient world on rainbows. The colorful range of options available with the Iris flower is plentiful but tends to focus on blues, whites, and purples.

  This hardy perennial is a popular option across many different nation areas, whether the bearded or beardless Iris is chosen as an option. One reason this flower is so popular is the ease with which they grow in well-drained soils. 

Planting on the side of a hill or slope is a good option because the plant will grow to its maximum height, which depends on the species chosen.

  One of the factors for the enjoyment of the Iris flower is the fact they are generally planted in the Fall or Winter before they bloom in the Spring and Summer of the following year. The Iris grows to greater heights when planted and allowed to become established when the Winter nights are cool before blooming the following Summer. The Iris does enjoy full sun conditions in most areas where the afternoon temperatures are not too hot during the Summer. In areas where extreme heat is encountered over the Summer, it can be good to plant in a location where some afternoon shade is provided. It is important to remember an Iris will only bloom when they are located in full sunshine with only a few hours of shade provided in the afternoons.

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