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Iris Cristata

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Iris  Cristata soil should be a mixture of sand and clay, their p.h needs to 6.8 or higher, watered constantly.

Iris Cristata Plant is also known as the dwarf crested iris

The Iris Cristata Plant, also known as the "dwarf crested iris," is mainly from the Northeastern region of the United States, Maryland to Oklahoma, and from Georgia to Mississippi. Their hardy plant sone is 4-8. It is a perennial plant; it makes an excellent ground cover plant. It is best to plant in a rich medium drained soil in partial shade, space them apart about 6"-12", They spread 6"-1' apart. If you decide to plant in full sun, the soil must be watered constantly. The soil should be a mixture of sand and clay, their p.h needs to 6.8 or higher.

Iris Cristata is a low maintenance plant

The plant takes low maintenance. The Iris plant is a 3-6" blue with gold crested falls; they also come in lavender with white falls and lilac with yellow falls. They come in many different colors. The iris plant is slow-growing, but they spread fast. They are best when planted in the fall, and they will start to bloom in the springtime around March, April, and May. The stem is narrowed pointed yellowish-green leaves that stand at 6". That's where the name dwarf crested comes from. They can take up to two to three years to grow, but they can live up to ten years. They have native habits in rocky and wooded areas, bluffs, and sandy banks; these flowers attract hummingbirds and bees. They release nectar for the birds and bees. You can plant them in beds and borders of your garden, on your patio, and in-plant pots, or you can use the plant as edgers. They make beautiful decorations for your garden or home; snails and slugs can be a problem for these flowers. They can pretty much take care of themselves if you plant them in the correct areas. It is an eye-catcher for all to see. It will add some color to your garden or your outside area.


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