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Indian Pink

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Indian pink loves semi-shaded sites but with adequate moisture.

Indian Pink Plant can grow up to 2 feet tall


The Lovely Indian Pink Plant



 The plant is a perennial, meaning that the same plant comes back every year. It has a bloom that is striking an appearance. The flower appears from a deep redbud, which blossoms into a neon green five-petaled flower. From this flower extends a long bright yellow stamen. 


 The flower appears in its full glory in late June. It can grow up to 2 feet high. The leaves are quite large in comparison with the flower, and they are deep green. They grow up the stem and just beneath the flower. 


Caring for the Plant

 Indian Pink prefers partial to full shade


 The plant prefers partial to full shade. Placing it in partial shade rather than full shade will make it so that it is more abundant and the flowers are ampler.


 The soil should be moist and well-draining, so you should water it on at least a weekly basis. You can add to the plant's hardiness by mixing in a scoop full of compost when you plant it in the ground. That will make the blooms enhance in color and the foliage lusher.


Uses in Landscaping



 You can plant this plant anywhere you are looking for a rich ground cover that boasts beautiful flowers. You can use it as the focal point of an area in your landscaping because its blooms are maroon, and bright green attracts much attention. It would help if you gave it a lot of space to grow when you plant it with other plants.


 This plant is used in landscaping when you need to take up a lot of space. You may use it alongside large flowering shrubs to populate the dirt below with greenery. It may also be used as the center of a circular bed, framed by a stone border or brick border. You can use it to border an area of your garden when planted close together but in only one row.

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