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Snow Hill Hydrangea

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Snow Hill Hydrangea trees  grow best when planted in zones 3-9

Hardy Planting Zones - 3 through 9

 Bloom Season - Late Spring to early Summer

 Bloom Color - Cream-colored blooms that can change to become pink and purple

 Height at Maturity - Up to 25 feet

 Soil Type Preferred - Rich and moist soils

 Sun or Shade - Part shade


The Snow Hill Hydrangea Hydrangea family of plants is impressive and famous because of their conical shape and bright blooms set against deep green foliage.

 The majority of Hydrangea plants are small shrubs, but some trees are available. The most commonly found of these is the Grandiflora, also known as the Pee Gee Hydrangea.

The Snow Hill Hydrangea is not a particularly difficult plant to grow as long as the simple needs of this tree are obtained for its growth.

 The Hydrangea Tree thrives in a shade environment that provides it with a large amount of early morning sunshine followed by shade in the afternoon. Moist, rich soil is the best choice, with many gardeners looking to provide a well-fertilized soil that will provide the resources needed for the growth of these trees.

  A healthy Hydrangea Tree will usually see the development of large conical blooms that are so large they have been known to weigh down the tree branches and Fall close to the ground. The main attraction for most gardeners is the flowers of the Hydrangea Tree because the foliage of the tree sees little change when the Fall arrives. The Grandiflora is an excellent example of the Fall foliage of the Hydrangea with a slight yellow tint to the leaves before they drop from the branches. The foliage of the Hydrangea Tree can grow to relatively large sizes, with each leaf being around six inches long and three inches wide with a dark green color through the Spring and Summer.

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