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Hydrangea Oak Leaf

Hydrangea Oak Leaf

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The Oak Leaf Hydrangea, Hydrangea Quercifolia, is a temperate shrub that grows in deciduous environments.

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Hydrangea Oak Leaf can withstand poorer soil conditions than other varieties.

The only requirement for the Hydrangea Oak Leaf is that the soil has to be well drained; it does well where water may pool around the base. This variety can grow to be about 10 feet tall and around 4 feet wide, giving you a rather large shrub. The flowers on this bush will eventually change from pure white to a pinkish color with age. The color is green, and the leaves tend to look a little bit like the leaves on oak trees. Plant this shrub where it can get shade and the foliage will turn colors of bright red, orange, yellow and eventual burgundy.

The bush is perfect for planting in the garden where you need to take up some space since over time it can get rather large, and the beauty of it is a plus. The large flowers can be cut and brought inside and placed in vases to enjoy. This shrub is easy to grow and easy to care for, and you get plenty of enjoyment and color from it all year long. The oak leaf hydrangea comes from the Southeastern part of the Untied States. The botanical name for the oak leaf hydrangea is known as hydrangea quercifolia. The mature height can be quite remarkable when seen in full bloom. When it's reached a full mature height this plant can range anywhere from 3 feet to 10 feet. The spread is quite remarkable too. The spread, when in full bloom can go anywhere form 6 feet to 10 feet, just like the height. If you decided to buy these plants in early summer than you can expect the best blooming time if any to happen around mid summer time.

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