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Huckleberries can grow from 6-12 feet.


Hardy Planting Zone: Zones 3-9 

Bloom Season: Spring (usually April)

Bloom Color: White/pink

Height at Maturity: Depending on the variety, 6-12 ft. 

Soil Type Preferred: Well-drained, acidic, moist.

Sun or Shade: Full sun, partial sun, or full shade

With a well-established reputation as a delicious snack, huckleberries are often compared to blueberries in terms of taste. 

Common huckleberry plant varieties include mountain huckleberry, dwarf huckleberry, black huckleberry, and grouseberry. While growth patterns and conditions are commonly shared between different huckleberry plants, they can be used for distinct purposes. 

  Huckleberry plants are often used as ornamental shrubs and can be planted in either singular or large groups. In addition to their fruit, huckleberry plants are great for attracting pollinators such as hummingbirds and butterflies. In many regions, huckleberry plants are evergreen and provide sightly foliage year-round. 

  During the spring, white flowers with slightly pink edges start to bloom. Blossoming usually occurs in bunches, and the center of the flowers possesses a yellowish core. New leaves typically start as red when developing but slowly turn a dark green color and produce a glossy shine. 

  Huckleberry plants require very limited supervision to be maintained, with the occasional trim being all that’s necessary to ensure plant health. 

Slightly acidic and well-drained soil is preferred, although different huckleberry varieties will have specific needs. Generally, huckleberry plants grow fastest and are most healthy when placed under the shade. However, this usually results in fewer berries being produced as many suns are necessary to stimulate fruit growth. 

  While most huckleberry plants are resilient in general, some strains will be incredibly resistant to drought conditions, while others will be able to tolerate significantly more wet environments. 

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