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Hills Privet Plant

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Burgundy Glow Privet is a spring bloomer and has delicate white flowers that give way to deep dark green glossy, dense foliage.

Hill's Privet is hardy in zones 2 through 9

The burgundy glow privet is a hearty cold-weather plant that will grow wonderfully in zones 2 through 9. It's often used as a privacy screen because of its dense nature. This particular Privet plant has beautiful burgundy leaves that will remain on the plant until late spring. Eventually, new leaves will push through and repeat the dense privacy barrier that this plant is known for. Some beautiful white flowers will emerge during the spring months and eventually give away to glossy and dense foliage. 


 Privets typically grow best in full sun. That means they will grow their best in six or more hours of direct sunlight each day. It would help if you planted them about 3' feet apart from one another, and they will grow at a density of 4' to 6'. This thick density is what makes them an ideal natural privacy hedge. Under ideal conditions, a privet plant will grow anywhere from 1.5 inches to 2 inches in height each year. They typically reach heights of 5 feet or greater. These plants are easy to maintain and can be shaped with minimal effort. 

Hills Privet are used to reduce erosion

 Privets are known for their invasive root system. That is not necessarily a bad thing. In many instances, privets are used to reduce erosion and to maintain flower beds. The roots produce asexually via root suckers, and you should not place native vegetation directly near a privet. Privets are also commonly referred to as semi-evergreens because they drop some leaves during extreme bouts of cold weather, but they also retain their color throughout the winter months. It is ideal for planting them during the autumn months, but you can plant them in the spring and summer due to their robust nature.


 You should note that the berries and leaves are poisonous to humans and animals. That is not uncommon in gardening and planting and should not discourage the use of these beautiful and hearty plants. Take added precautions when planting them and educate anyone caring for or visiting the landscape plant. They are precious for their privacy and erosion preventative nature. They are an excellent addition to your landscape when adequately cared for. These fabulous plants provide much-needed protection to small birds and animals that stick out the cold winter months in some cold weather zones.

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