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Heritage Red Raspberry

Heritage Red Raspberry

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Heritage Red Raspberry is a great plant for the gardener or homeowner that is wanting fresh home grown fruit.

This plant will provide beautiful berries, and the berries will be an immense size. This plant can grow to be around 4 to 5 feet tall and is a great perennial and will come back each year. This plant likes to be planted in areas that will give it full sunshine but can also do good in partially shaded areas. It will love soils that are moist and will thrive when properly watered and cared. The berries from the plant will also have an excellent flavor when they appear on the plant and are ripe. It is a vine so it would be great to grow on a trellis, archway or even a fence. It can be trained very easy to grow on these garden features. They will be lovely to use when cooking pies, cakes and also cobblers. This great plant will give fruit two times a year. It will give the first fruits in the month of July and will not be a heavy because in the fall months of the year, it will provide fresh fruit again, and the supply of berries will be abundant. These berries will also make wonderful jellies and jams that can enjoy during the winter months of the year. This plant will need more water than usual especially when it is bearing fruit. The berries will be amazing and will be great to eat and will look beautiful when growing on a trellis or fence. This plant will also do great in areas that will not receive a lot of rain and has drought conditions. Red raspberry plants are a part of the rose family. They are the most common raspberry variety and the fruit they bear are one of the most popular and most loved summer treats. These deciduous shrubs are native to North America and they have been around since prehistoric times. They have medium-green leaves and cane-like stems that are wider towards the bottom. The plants can grow to be 6 to 7 feet tall as they mature. The leaves of the plant have sets of three to five leaflets and if you look closely at its leaves, you will notice tiny thorns along the bottom. The leaves also have dainty white flowers that bloom in the late spring.

Heritage Red Raspberry Ships As Bare Root